Established in 1994   Founded by Mr. Peter Chen 



ANTRC emphasizes in automotive aftermarket replacement parts and body kits, including automotive plastics, composite parts, sheet metal and more.

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We advocate integrity, treasure resources, persist in improvements, and share our successes.




U.S.A., Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe.



In 2008, ANTRC launched a sub-brand, AN, which specializes in tuning parts and body kits. AN continues to develop high standard components and transform various models into sporty and dandy exteriors.


Quality Management

Followed by ISO9001:2015 and CAPA standard operating procedure, we adhere to high quality standards as OEM does.

Professional Service

With profession, efficiency, and friendliness, we strive to respond and provide service within 24 hours.

Diversified Products

As both manufacture and trading company, besides what we manufacture, we also cover lamps, fenders, hoods, regulators, cooling systems, mirrors, etc.

Fair Pricing

In a balance of quality control and cost effectiveness, we ensure the highest cost-performance ratio for our clients.

Talent Cultivation

Discovering, cultivating, and retaining talents allow us to stabilize internal company structure as we provide fair employee benefits and strong practices of cultivation.

Fast Delivery

Upon customers’ order confirmations, we supply 70% of the goods in 10 days and finish the order within 20 days.


Automechanika Dubai (2018)


Taipei AMPA (2018)


Automechanika Riyadh (2018)


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Better Parts, Better PerformANce.
In the early 90’s, the Gulf War had severely impacted the Middle East, causing 90 percent of auto
parts manufacturers and traders to alternatively invest in North America and other economically
stable countries. 
However, the founder of the company, Mr. Peter Chen, had decided to strive
against difficult times in the Middle East.

In the fall of 1994, Peter, along with a suitcase full of auto parts samples, traveled alone to Kuwait
and Saudi Arabia in high temperatures of 45 degrees celsius. While exploring the market and
analyzing with big data, Peter had discovered the needs for local auto parts market. In 2008, with
the strictest standards in quality control, the company had held the highest auto parts market
share in the Middle East.

Experiencing challenges in the highs of 45 degrees Celsius and the lows of below 0 degree Celsius,
ANTRC Industrial Corporation will carry forward Peter’s spirit of servicing the world, with attention
in details, and continue to pursue the highest performance in quality.